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Mannheim Scania e-truck

Mannheim Scania e-truck

Continuous energy transfer from road to heavy vehicles

In 2013, Scania started a series of tests which took place at Bombardier’s test facility in Mannheim, Germany. The objective of the research project “Slide-In technology for continuous transfer of energy to electric vehicles” was to evaluate aspects such as energy efficiency, installation costs, maintenance costs and safety for different methods of energy transmission between electrified public roads and vehicles.

The studies included theoretical evaluations and practical testing, using a 500 km road between Stockholm and Gothenburg as the basis. The project has been partially funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and  Volvo as the project lead acts as their counterpart.

The Scania test truck has been equipped with a 2 x 1 meter large power collector, the PRIMOVE pick-up, mounted under the vehicle. 

Under the truck there are sensors to help detect an electrified vehicle and activate energy transfer from the road. This occurs in close proximity to the approaching vehicle and the energy supply is “turned off” when other traffic and pedestrians are on the road. Furthermore, the entire lower part of the chassis has been shielded with aluminium to ensure that the magnetic field does not affect other components.


Christian Koebel Director Product Management, PRIMOVE Contact

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