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Find out what journalists have been saying about PRIMOVE. Here we round up the media response to our inductive charging technology.

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La Vanguardia (Spain): “Charging electric vehicles inductively" (copy 1)

Published in the 25 June 2012 edition of "La Vanguardia" (article in Spanish).

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Les Echos (France): “Wireless electricity now applied in transport”

Published in the 19 June 2012 edition of "Les Echos" (article in French).

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Usine Nouvelle (France): “Electric vehicles: Bombardier starts contactlessly”

Published in the 14 June 2012 edition of "Usine Nouvelle" (article in French).

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Quotidiano Net (Italy): “The city without pollution: Cars and busses run electrically. And the cables? They are under the asphalt”

Published in the 1 June 2012 edition of "Quotidiano Net" (article in Italian).

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Walla! (Israel): “Bombardier launches Primove: fast dynamic charging for electric vehicles and rail transport”

Published in the 11 June 2012 edition of "Walla!" (article in Hebrew - translation in English)

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Deutsche Business News (Germany): “Milestone" in e-mobility - Industry promises e-cars running soon without plugs”

Published in the 8 June 2012 edition of "Deutsche Business News" (article in German). Click here.


Repubblica (Italy): “Bombardier e-mobility project: Technology for wireless charging”

Published in the 1 June 2012 edition of "Repubblica" (article in Italian)

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MobiliCites (France): “Trams, buses and cars without cables or wires attached”

Published in the 1 June 2012 edition of "MobiliCites" (article in French). Click here.


Augsburger Allgemeine (Germany): “New trams unveiled in Augsburg”

Published in the 31 May 2012 edition of "Augsburger Allgemeine" (article in German). Click here


Via Libre (Spain): “The Primove tram: contactless power transfer solution”

Published in the July/August 2012 edition of "Via Libre" (article in Spanish).

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