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PRIMOVE in operations

PRIMOVE in operations

Proven on more than 800,000 km of passenger service

PRIMOVE charging e-car

PRIMOVE automatic wireless charging for e-cars

Compact design for superior efficiency and safety

PRIMOVE e-mobility applications

PRIMOVE true e-mobility

Making cities quieter, cleaner and more attractive

PRIMOVE Tram Nanjing


Discover our solution that allows trams to operate without catenaries

PRIMOVE e-car challenge

Change the way to charge

Discover how easy and convenient e-mobilty can be if it's unplugged

True e-mobility

PRIMOVE is Bombardier’s complete e-mobility portfolio allowing cities and the transportation industry to easily incorporate electric mobility. It includes wireless charging, compact battery and efficient propulsion systems for electric rail and road vehicles. 

PRIMOVE makes sustainable mobility a reality by reducing local CO2 emissions to zero. It eliminates noise pollution and integrates seamlessly into the environment.

PRIMOVE applications

PRIMOVE Applications

Discover how PRIMOVE is ready to transform the e-mobility landscape today

The unique PRIMOVE portfolio is the world’s only e-mobility solution for all types of electric vehicles - from light rail and bus networks to commercial vehicles, trucks and electric cars.

PRIMOVE Products


PRIMOVE charging

Automatic, inductive energy transfer for all electric vehicles.



PRIMOVE battery

Compact batteries optimized for urban mobility.



PRIMOVE propulsion

Robust turnkey propulsion solution for e-buses.