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PRIMOVE for e-cars

For private cars, the PRIMOVE system overcomes charging constraints with a fast, safe and automatic charging process. The compact system fits into the underside of any car and requires no plugging, making e-mobility more convenient than ever before.

E-mobility unplugged


  • No cables or plugs
  • Automatic positioning system
  • Ready for autonomous parking


  • High efficiency
  • One system fits all vehicle heights
  • Compact and light design


  • Minimized electro magnetic emissions
  • Integrated state-of-the-art metal detection
  • No room for living objects

Fully automatic wireless charging for home and work

The PRIMOVE inductive charging system requires no cables or plugs, making the use of electric cars easy and convenient. The car simply drives over the charging pad on the ground. Once the car comes to a stop over the charging pad, the primary winding in the pad induces an electromagnetic field that is captured by the compact pick-up coil located on the underside of the car. 

Charging stops automatically when the car’s battery is fully charged. The driver can also interrupt the charging at any time. The system is perfectly suited for locations where the cars normally park such as private and company garages. 

The PRIMOVE wireless charging system for electric cars can be easily adjusted to different car platforms and classes - from smaller sports cars to larger SUVs. It is also scalable to be adapted to different power classes from 3.6 kW to 22 kW.

The technology behind

The PRIMOVE charging system is highly optimized in regards to efficiency, electromagnetic emissions and compatibility thanks to a revolutionary technology called ‘Z-Mover’.

The Z-Mover reduces the air gap between the charging pad and the pick-up to a minimum by automatically lifting from the ground as soon as the car is parked above the charging pad. This innovation makes the PRIMOVE charging system for e-cars unique and attractive for automotive manufacturers since it provides one system that fits any car – from smaller sports cars to larger SUVs.

The PRIMOVE charging system works fully automatic and hence goes hand in hand with latest developments like autonomous driving or parking; all of which are technologies that will make driving more convenient.