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Södertälje e-bus PRIMOVE

Scandinavia's First Inductively Charged Bus Line

An electric hybrid bus equipped with Bombardier’s innovative PRIMOVE inductive charging system is running in Södertälje, Sweden, making it the first municipality in Scandinavia to feature a wirelessly charged bus line.

Versatile technology for a sustainable city

Since February 2017 the citizens of the Swedish city Södertälje are able to enjoy better air quality and less traffic noise. On route 755, between Södertälje Syd and Astrabacken/Tom Tits a new electric hybrid bus by commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania, equipped with the inductive PRIMOVE charging system, is reducing emissions in the city.

To facilitate the new bus, the end stop of the route has been converted into a charging station that will enable the vehicle to quickly and conveniently recharge its batteries each time it stops there. With up to 200 kW of power, the charging station can supply enough energy to serve the entire 10 km-long route in just six to seven minutes. The charging station is owned and operated by Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall while a second charging station has been installed at the Scania test track in Södertälje.

This project had been initiated by a project group, led by Scania, which has been investigating alternative mobility solutions to make mobility in Södertälje more sustainable. As a result, it was decided to install the PRIMOVE wireless charging system to a rechargeable hybrid bus.

Södertälje e-bus - map of the line


Christian Koebel Director Product Management, PRIMOVE Contact

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