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First contract for the serial development of the PRIMOVE automotive system

In March 2015, PRIMOVE closed the first deal with one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers to develop its convenient wireless charging solution for use on private cars. The project foresees the serial development as well as the supply over a period of seven years of the PRIMOVE 3.6 kW inductive charging system.

Successful nomination thanks to innovative technology

With its compact design to fit any car and any wayside conditions, the convenient PRIMOVE 3.6 kW charging system for electric cars is ideally suited for home and work. Charging is very easy as it requires no plugging and starts automatically once the car is positioned over the charging slab. 

While featuring optimum efficiency, the system has no impact on other electric car functionalities – thanks to the innovative “Z-Mover”. The z-mover also allows the system to be easily adjusted to different car platforms and classes, from smaller sports cars to larger SUVs, by optimizing the air gap between the charging slab on the ground and the pick-up under the car.

PRIMOVE z-mover


Jeremie Desjardins Business Leader, PRIMOVE Contact

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