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09 October 2017

PRIMOVE Wireless Charging Technology at EVS30

Around 9,500 participants gathered for this year’s International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, held in Stuttgart, Germany, from October 9-11, to learn more about the latest developments in the different fields of electric mobility. Among them, of course, some of the PRIMOVE team members.

During one of the dialogue sessions the PRIMOVE 3.6 kW charging system for electric cars was presented to the audience. The advantages of a charging system with moving parts, like a minimal weight on the car side, a smaller electromagnetic field, higher efficiency, minimized cost as well as the adaptability to all car platforms were explored. Another topic was the approaching start of serial production, which PRIMOVE is working on together with one of the largest automobile manufacturers of the world.

All in all, it was a very interesting dialogue with e-mobility experts from all over the world.


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