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17 July 2017

E-mobility for everyone in Mannheim, Germany

Electric mobility becomes more and more part of our everyday life. Step by step, there is a shift from a vision to an electric reality, in public transport as well as in the private sector. There are, for example, more and more e-buses on the roads and even a growing number of private users dares to give up the classic combustion engine.

In Mannheim, Germany, for instance, two wirelessly charged electric buses, equipped with the PRIMOVE system, do serve the inner-city line 63 since summer 2015 and thus prove that e-mobility is suitable for daily use. E-buses using the same system are also running in Berlin and Braunschweig in Germany as well as in in Bruges, Belgium, and the Swedish city of Södertälje.

Recently the local syndicate of electric vehicles in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region wanted to find out how easy and convenient e-mobility without cables or plugs can be in everyday life. The union of e-car drivers and interested parties from the region is called Electric Vehicle Rhein Neckar (EVRN) and comes together on a monthly basis to exchange experiences as well as listen to presentations on current topics and panel discussions with regional and communal delegates. Moreover, the EVRN is taking part in regional auto shows and offers non-proprietary consulting. All of this aiming on promoting e-mobility in the region.

Wireless e-mobility was the headline for their members’ meeting in July at Mannheim’s main station, where participants were able to watch the inductive charging process of an e-bus while one of the responsible PRIMOVE engineers explained the technology behind. Afterwards they could experience the smooth ride in an e-bus themselves during a test drive through the city during which they also got the chance to listen to the report of an e-bus driver’s daily experiences. This practical excursion was followed by a background presentation on the PRIMOVE technology and current progress of the latest developments as well as an overview of the future plans and ideas of Bombardier’s e-mobility business. Of course, the enthusiastic e-car drivers were especially thrilled by PRIMOVE’s inductive charging systems for electric cars, for which serial development is currently happening together with one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

„As enthusiast and technophilic one could not have wished for a better insight on the opportunities for e-mobility in daily life, besides the obvious e-car, than a tour on the Mannheim e-bus including expert explanations by one of the responsible engineers.”, said one of the participants after the event. All participants were able to enjoy a fascinating, e-mobility-themed evening.


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