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14 June 2017

PRIMOVE at Electric Road Conference in Sweden

The electrification of roads and motorways has been a highly discussed topic for quite a while now. The PRIMOVE team also has been working on this area several years now and was able to show the maturity of its technology by successfully completing a series of dynamic charging tests with a truck in Mannheim last June.

In the Swedish town of Sandviken international researchers and experts gathered at the first Electric Road System Conference, to discuss their results from research and pilot projects as well as sharing their expertise and talk about possible collaborations. PRIMOVE was also represented with a presentation showing that catenaries or other conductive solutions such as rails embedded in the road are not necessary when it comes to inductive power transfer.

Peter Östman, Sales Manager at PRIMOVE said he was “impressed by the spirit of the event, where experts from all major players shared their knowledge and agreed that cooperation is going to be key in order to promote the very important topic of electric road”.

On title picture from left to right: Philippe Veyrunes, SRS Solution Manager (Infrastructure solutions for Electric vehicles), Alstom; Hasso Grünjes, Siemens AB; Magnus Ernström, Strategist, Region Gävleborg; Gunnar Asplund, CEO, Elways; Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, Chief Engineer Electromobility, Scania CV AB; Monica Ringvik, Director Research & Innovation Policy, Volvo Group; Peter Östman, Sales Manager, Bombardier Primove GmbH


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