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25 October 2016

Electric buses on “Boulevard of Innovations“ in Mannheim, Germany

The city of Mannheim is all about innovations from October 24 until December 5, 2016. 18 companies and institutions from the region are showcasing innovations from the so-called “City of Squares“ in a large open air exhibition.

Indeed, the city and its inhabitants have witnessed quite a few fascinating novelties over time. Baron von Drais for example, went on the first ever bike ride in Mannheim about 200 years ago, Carl Benz invented the car there in 1886 and what is more, the PRIMOVE e-buses have been developed in the e-mobility competence center in Mannheim.

The latter have not only been developed there but are actually operating in Mannheim’s city center since June 2015; next to Berlin and Braunschweig, Germany and the Belgian world heritage city of Bruges. The local public transport operator Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv) is running the innovative electric vehicles, charged and powered by the PRIMOVE system. Thanks to the inductive PRIMOVE charging system this requires neither cables nor plugs.

The exhibition called “Boulevard of Innovations“ is supposed to inform about ideas and success stories from Mannheim, covering fields as variant as engineering, science or culture: „We want to make Mannheim and its inventions known by using success stories to underline the strong innovative energy which is typical for our city.“ says Karmen Strahonja, CEO of the City Marketing of Mannheim, when asked about the idea.

More information on the „Boulevard of Innovations“ can be found on the dedicated website (in German).


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