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30 June 2016

Successful dynamic charging tests with PRIMOVE in Mannheim

In Mannheim, the PRIMOVE team presented the results of a comprehensive series of tests with a dynamically charged truck. The 10 meter long and 10 tons heavy vehicle is automatically and inductively supplied with energy at a power of up to 200 kW.

On the area of the yet to be established new neighborhood FRANKLIN in Mannheim, Germany, a test track has been installed consisting of four charging segments invisibly embedded into the ground. These 20 meter long charging segments automatically switch on and off when the vehicle is driving above them supplying it with electrical energy for propulsion, auxiliaries and of course for recharging the batteries. All this happens without stopping and, as typical for PRIMOVE, completely contactless without any cables, wires or plugs.

This new series of tests is based on experiments dating back to January 2014 and is mainly focussing on increasing safety and stability of dynamic, inductive charging. This is implemented by working with different lengths of the antennas embedded into the ground as well as conducting tests to determine the ideal distance between the individual charging segments. All this is done to reach maximum stability and accuracy when transferring power while minimizing the electromagnetic stray field.

The results and experiences of this series of tests on dynamic inductive charging of electric vehicles now enable the PRIMOVE team to rebuild this test track at a different location when requested. This symbolizes an important step towards the e-mobility of the future when recharging won’t be only contactless but also won’t require unnecessary stopping times and will thus be even more convenient.

With PRIMOVE, invisible e-mobility for rail and road vehicles is reality already today. Inductively charged PRIMOVE e-buses as well as trams with the light and long-life PRIMOVE batteries are already in use all over the world. Moreover, serial development of an innovative charging system for e-cars is already ongoing with one of the largest automotive companies worldwide. At the e-mobility competence center in Mannheim the PRIMOVE team is continuously researching for the technologies of the future.

The tests are taking place at FRANKLIN, an area of former army barracks in Mannheim which will now be developed to be Mannheim’s new urban quarter. The so called Blue Village FRANKLIN is all dedicated to sustainable use of resources by utilizing new concepts of housing, energy production and supply and especially mobility, mainly aiming on reducing personal car traffic.
The plans for the new quarter in Mannheim also include an e-bus line which is planned together with the local transport authority Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv).

The good partnership between the City of Mannheim and Bombardier was the basis for the cooperation and support in this research project on inductive dynamic charging for which the city kindly provided the space necessary to install the test tracks until the construction works will start.


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