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05 June 2016

Z-Mover on tour part II – PRIMOVE in Eastern Asia

After having already been introduced to the US automotive manufacturers last autumn, the PRIMOVE Z-Mover was now presented to key players of the industry in the Far East. A three weeks tour took the innovative charging system for e-cars through Japan and China. The Japanese cities of Tokio, Nagoya and Tochigi as well as Beijing, Tianjing, Shanghai and Hefei and Peking in China where just some of the cities that the PRIMOVE team visited during the trip.

The presentation of the PRIMOVE team was overall received quite positively. Everyone was very impressed by the high efficiency of the Z-Mover system. Especially the precise metal detection was able to wow the e-car experts. The Z-Mover’s very small and light vehicle coil assembly, already containing all control, communication and current conversion components, was also discussed positively by the engineers as well as managers, especially since the same coil is compatible with all vehicle heights, from small sports carts up to large SUVs.

Overall, the atmosphere was very positive and the PRIMOVE team is looking forward to further discussions, technical exchange and upcoming project in the Asian market.


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