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25 May 2016

PRIMOVE at ELECTRIC-ROAD conference 2016 in Paris, France

Once a year the latest developments, innovations, and also challenges of sustainable transport are being discussed at the ELECTRIC-ROAD conference in Paris, France. True to the slogan “from vision to action” the event saw a broad variety of speeches and discussions about e-mobility; not only presenting the status quo but also risking a view into the future, presenting new technologies and innovations.

Being dedicated to true e-mobility right from the start, of course PRIMOVE was also present at this important industry gathering. Jérémie Desjardins, Business Leader of PRIMOVE was in Paris to present the PRIMOVE e-mobility portfolio, consisting of the wireless charging system, the light and long-life batteries as well as the reliable propulsion, altogether enabling cities and the transportation industry to easily incorporate electric mobility.

This innovative technology is already installed in e-buses that are in regular passenger operations in the German cities of Berlin, Braunschweig and Mannheim as well as in Bruges, Belgium. Altogether, the PRIMOVE e-buses have already proven their reliability on more than 250,000 km of service.

But PRIMOVE is not only revolutionizing the e-bus market. For cars PRIMOVE offers an efficient, safe and economically attractive charging system for home and company parking spaces: the Z-Mover, a charging system that ensures optimum distancing between transmission coils at any time. Serial development is already ongoing for this wireless charging solution for electric cars together with one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.


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