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20 May 2016

PRIMOVE at Trolley Bus Days in Lucerne, Switzerland

In 1941 the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, introduced the first trolley bus due to the shortage of fuel at this time. As you can see, e-mobility has quite a history in the Swiss town. 75 five years later this traditional electric traction is still used in Lucerne and the local operator Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern (vbl) has been organizing a series of events to celebrate this anniversary.

The “Trolley Bus Days” from May 20-20, 2016 were the central event of the celebrations. Together with the Swiss Museum of Transport, vbl organized a whole weekend filled with exhibitions, demonstrations and discussion around e-mobility. “Nostalgia meets innovation” was the headline for the celebrations. And that’s where PRIMOVE comes into play.

Besides showcasing technologies and vehicles from the past, such as one of the original trolley buses from 1941, the aim of the event was also to show the future of e-mobility. With PRIMOVE propulsion system we are not only successfully powering the e-buses in the city centre of Mannheim but are also able to reliably “fuel” trolley buses.

From traction and auxiliary converter modules to individual complete HV system solutions, our competitive PRIMOVE propulsion system provides manufacturers and operators with a reliable turnkey solution that boosts the overall performance and efficiency of all kinds of electric buses.

The PRIMOVE propulsion system is based on the proven design and concepts of our rail products. Transferring this architecture to the e-bus application resulted in a highly integrated product with minimum interfaces to the vehicle manufacturer (OEM) without compromising on flexibility, allowing the usage on all vehicle platforms. The PRIMOVE propulsion system is fully configurable, offering a wide scope of opportunities to adapt to every vehicle. The platforms available include 12-metre, 18-metre and 24-metre e-buses for both, fully electric and hybrid solutions as well as trolley buses.

The PRIMOVE booth at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne did show, how the PRIMOVE propulsion system, but also the other components of the PRIMOVE e-mobility portfolio – the wireless charging system and the light and long-live batteries – are successfully enabling zero-emission bus service since 2014. We did not only show how easy and convenient electric mobility can be when it’s unplugged but also demonstrated other examples where wireless energy transfer can make our lives easier. An inductive charging station for mobile phones was available to visitors all weekend to recharge their devices without having to use cables or plugs.


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