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22 April 2016

PRIMOVE e-buses about to break records

Electric mobility with PRIMOVE might be based on a vision, but has long proven it’s capabilities in live-operation. E-buses from the German cities of Mannheim and Braunschweig have impressively proven the innovative technology‘s abilities during the last days.

We’ve already covered the tests with the Mannheim e-bus in the German university town of Marburg earlier.While in Marburg, the team has also conducted test drives in the surrounding ‘Lahnberge’ to see how the e-bus behaves when driving uphill. With an impressive result: The 14% ascent has been mastered easily by the e-bus, which was even faster than the e-buses that usually cover that route.

In Braunschweig, e-buses and inductive charging technology also showed what they are capable of. One of the 18 meter e-buses has been driving non-stop, starting Saturday, April 2, 8:00 am until Monday,  April 4 1:52 am. The vehicle covered a total of 470 km on its route during the approximately 41 hours of operation. During short breaks and turning points between the individual tours the bus was able to recharge inductively thanks to the PRIMOVE fast charging technology. Apart from that the e-bus has been serving its route day and night without stopping.These are just two of the examples showing the enormous potential of e-mobility with PRIMOVE.


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