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06 April 2016

PRIMOVE E-Mobilty Concept Tested in the German City Of Marburg

One of the PRIMOVE equipped e-buses from Mannheim, Germany, is conducting conduct trial runs in the German city of Marburg starting April 7. Together with e-mobility experts, Marburg Transport Authority Stadtwerke Marburg are going to test the innovative PRIMOVE e-bus which will be in front of the Cineplex in Marburg’s city center from April 7 to 9. Not only will the public be invited to examine the vehicles, but will also be able to participate in test rides. Since 2013, transportation companies all over Germany have been testing e-buses. “Marburg is now actively working with this technology as well" explains the CEO of Marburg’s transport authority Stadtwerke, Norbert Schüren.

The e-bus is charged and powered by the innovative PRIMOVE technology. In Mannheim, Germany, this combination of long-life batteries, efficient propulsion system and the inductive fast-charging technology has already proven the system’s suitability for everyday passenger services, even on demanding bus routes. As Helfried Kloiber form PRIMOVE confirms,”E-buses with PRIMOVE technology are currently running in the German cities of Berlin, Braunschweig and Mannheim as well as in Bruges, Belgium. The inductively charged vehicles have already covered  more than 200,000 kilometers since the start of passenger operations of the first PRIMOVE e-bus in Braunschweig in March 2014.“

E-mobility with PRIMOVE does not only allow for a quiet and emission-free ride but also blends seamlessly into the environment. The invisible charging system works without cables, plugs or overhead wires. It is based on high power inductive energy transfer between components buried underground and receiving equipment installed beneath the vehicle. The batteries are conveniently charged with a power of 200 kW, during everyday operation while passengers are getting on and off or at designated turning points. All this is completely safe for passengers, bus drivers, pedestrians and even people equipped with pacemakers. The experience from the Mannheim project shows how reliable this technology is as more than 10,000 charging cycles have been successfully completed here.

Now in testing in Marburg, the PRIMOVE e-bus will have the opportunity to prove that it can also handle the partially hilly routes without problem.


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