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09 December 2015

PRIMOVE Z-Mover overseas

After already having convinced one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, the PRIMOVE Automotive team now sets off to present the innovative 3.6 kW charging solution to automakers overseas. In early December, one of the rare samples of the PRIMOVE Z-Mover was flown to the United States to be presented to the resident car manufacturers.

US car manufacturers interested in PRIMOVE

A great deal of major US car manufacturers sent representatives to learn more about PRIMOVE’s state-of-the-art charging technology for electric cars. In lively discussions teams from the US automotive companies learned how easy and convenient e-mobility with PRIMOVE can be.

Inductive charging for e-cars

The automatic, efficient and safe charging solution charges e-cars the most convenient way – without cables or plugs. Thanks to an automatic positioning system it is ready for the latest developments such as autonomous driving and parking. A compact and light design of the onboard unit makes sure that one system fits all vehicle heights. With the PRIMOVE Z-Mover, charging starts automatically once the car is positioned over the charging slab. As soon as the e-car is detected, the slab lifts up to reduce the air-gap between the charging pad on the floor and the receiving coil mounted to the vehicle floor to a minimum. Thus efficiency is increased while electromagnetic emissions are kept to a minimum. An integrated state- of the art metal detection adds an extra amount of safety.

Convenient e-mobility with PRIMOVE

After a series of meetings in Detroit and San Francisco the team is delighted by the positive feedback. Several samples were requested and the solution was even called the “best system we have seen so far”.
This tour again impressively demonstrated that convenience, efficiency and safety are the keys when it comes to e-mobility. And the PRIMOVE Z-Mover clearly has it all.


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