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17 October 2015

First wirelessly charged, fully electric buses in Belgium operate in Bruges

The new electric buses in Bruges, Belgium, which are charged inductively thanks to the innovative PRIMOVE technology, are an important investment in more modern and greener public transport, offering passengers a quiet and emission-free ride. 

“With modern, fast and comfortable vehicles, we will be able to convince more people to make the switch to public transport. The electric buses are not only the most environmentally-friendly of Belgium, they are also the quietest. (…)We are truly investing in our future”, said Ben Weyts, Flemish minister of Mobility at the inauguration event in Bruges on October 17, 2015.

Roger Kesteloot, General Director of the local public transport authority, De Lijn, added:“The electric buses offer two major advantages. First of all, the new e-buses are completely emission-free. They do neither emit pollutants (…), nor fine particles (…). As De Lijn only purchases green electricity, there is also no emission when producing the energy. Secondly, the buses are particularly silent due to the absence of a diesel motor. The only thing to be heard is a buzz. The bus is three times quieter than a normal diesel bus when leaving the stop.”

Charged in minutes 

The inductive charging process with the PRIMOVE charging system takes a maximum of 12 minutes. During this process, a magnetic field transfers the electric energy from the charging station to the bus. The electric current in a primary coil creates the magnetic field. This induces a current in a secondary coil, which receives power. The technology is similar to an induction cooking plate or an electric tooth brush. No cables needed.

A fully loaded battery enables the e-bus to drive 45 minutes without recharging. This is more than enough for the ride between the Bruges train station and the end stop at ’t Zand, one of the main squares in Bruges. After serving the route a few times back and forth, the e-buses are charged at the PRIMOVE charging station. The route is served by two buses on weekdays and one on Saturdays. The electric buses have a capacity of 44 passengers, of which 17 can be seated. 


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