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17 September 2015

Experts convinced by PRIMOVE solution for cars

During the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) 2015 the PRIMOVE automotive department invited for an information event in Frankfurt/Main. Representatives of major car manufacturers, several research institutes, suppliers as well as trade press took the opportunity to learn more about the PRIMOVE charging system for e-cars. With the help of a demonstrator the PRIMOVE team explained how e-cars can be charged automatically, efficiently and safely with the 3.6 kW Z-Mover.

After the event, the group of experts went for a tour on the fairground. During their visit of different booths of automotive manufacturers they could learn more about the already started serial development of the Z-Mover for Plug-in Hybrids. A test drive with an inductively charged car also showed how the system works when installed in a vehicle.

About the PRIMOVE Z-Mover for e-cars

The PRIMOVE Z-Mover allows for automatic, wireless charging of electric cars for home and work. If the e-car parks over the charging pad, it automatically lifts up to the receiving coil in the vehicle floor – minimizing the air gap between the charging pad and the pick-up. This ensures the energy transfer to be very efficient and also safe while the battery is charged with 3.6 kW. Thanks to its compact size and a weight of less than 5 kg, the pick-up of the Z-Mover fits any car. The autonomous parking function makes charging your e-car even more convenient while an integrated metal detection ensures optimum safety.


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