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31 August 2015

Berlin gets its first electric bus line with PRIMOVE

Berlin now takes the lead in electric mobility   with the help of Bombarder Transportations innovative PRIMOVE technology. It is the first capital worldwide with a fully electric, inductively charged bus line right in the city center. This is a milestone in the development of electric mobility and also a big step towards the smart cities of the future – not to forget the positive effects for the environment.

As of today the bus line 204 between Zoologischer Garten (Hertzallee) and Südkreuz will be exclusively served by four e-buses – energized wirelessly with the PRIMOVE charging system. Both end-stops have been turned into inductive PRIMOVE charging stations where the vehicles can be recharged during their normal dwell times. A third charging station has been installed at the bus depot, where the buses are parked overnight. 

As Rainer Bomba, State Secretary at the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and a true e-mobility fan, sums it up perfectly: “The wireless charging technology, which will be used on the line 204 as of today, allows for a quiet and emission-free ride. Both residents and passengers will benefit from that.”

Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economics, Technology and Research in Berlin, emphasized how proud she was that Berlin will now test e-buses with an inductive charging system and that this revolutionary technology comes from Bombardier with Berlin as its global headquarters. 

The charging concept in Berlin is a special one compared to the other PRIMOVE cities Braunschweig and Mannheim where the buses also charge during dwell times at intermediate bus stops while passengers hop on and off. In order to have enough power for the 6.1 km route, the 12 m e-buses by Polish manufacturer Solaris have been equipped with larger 90 kWh batteries which oare only normally on longer 18 m e-buses. 

Altogether, Berlin’s new fleet of e-buses saves approx. 260 tons of CO2 emissions per year. This equals the electrification of 250 cars in Berlin in the same period.

You can find more information in the press release.


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