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22 June 2015

PRIMOVE electrifies bus line in Mannheim, Germany

Since this Monday, the citizens of Mannheim, Germany are able to enjoy a quiet and emission free bus ride. The nine-kilometer city centre bus line 63 is now being served by two fully electric buses, charged and powered by unique PRIMOVE technology.

The e-buses mark a world premiere for PRIMOVE. The 12-meter vehicles are the first of their kind to be equipped with the complete PRIMOVE package, which includes wireless charging technology, long-life battery systems and a fully integrated propulsion system.

Electrifying Mannheim’s bus line 63 presented a unique challenge. Not only does the line run through the heart of the city, but buses typically only rest at each stop for a very limited time. To meet this challenge, the PRIMOVE team installed a series of four fast, high-power charging stations at strategic locations along the line, one at each end stop, and one at the bus depot. 

With this arrangement, the innovative PRIMOVE system only needs to charge for about thirty seconds at each of the four charging stops and then for approximately five minutes at the end stops. This alone is enough to provide a single e-bus with sufficient energy to serve the entire route and eliminates the need for any additional charging or time consuming battery exchanges. 

With the Mannheim project, PRIMOVE makes sustainable mobility a reality and proves the systems’ capability – no matter how challenging the route may be. Furthermore, Mannheim’s two e-buses will save around 180 tons of CO2 per year, equal to the emissions of 74 personal cars.

Additionally, a fully electric PRIMOVE equipped van is also used by regional operator Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH as a service and delivery vehicle. With a maximum range of 240 kilometers, it can easily complete its daily 80-kilometer service route after charging wirelessly at the depot for just 180 minutes on average.


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