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08 June 2015

Bombardier Transportation announced the first PRIMOVE e-car contract with leading automaker

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has announced that they signed a nomination agreement with one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers for the serial development of the PRIMOVE 3.6 kW inductive charging solution. The nomination also includes a frame agreement for the supply of the charging system over a period of seven years with optional call-off orders. 

The partnership marks a major breakthrough for Bombardier’s PRIMOVE business unit, which until now has implemented its innovative wireless charging solution primarily on public transport vehicles such as electric buses and trams. Now, Bombardier’s e-mobility experts have convinced a world leading automaker to apply the automatic contactless charging system to their future electric cars. This validates PRIMOVE as an automotive supplier with corresponding quality standards and production processes in place.

The development covers both the onboard vehicle equipment as well as the wayside infrastructure components. The PRIMOVE inductive charging system requires no cables or plugs, making the use of electric cars easy and convenient. It is perfectly suited for locations where the cars normally park such as private and company garages.

More information on the PRIMOVE automotive solution can be found here.


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