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05 May 2015

PRIMOVE at eMobility Summit in Berlin, Germany

“How do we imagine mobility in Berlin and other cities in 20 years?” was the question Jérémie Desjardins was recently asked to answer at a recent eMobility summit in Berlin. Alongside representatives of Nissan International, BMW Group and IBM Germany, he took part at the panel “Smart Cities of the Future – Concepts, Trends and Visions for the Integration of eMobility”. The discussion was clearly focused on electrification of individual transport with cars.

According to Jérémie Desjardins, convenience is the key for the successful integration of automotive e-mobility – and that is exactly where PRIMOVE comes into place.

PRIMOVE 3.6 kW charging system for e-cars

The PRIMOVE inductive charging system requires no cables or plugs, making the use of electric cars easy and convenient. The car simply drives over the charging pad embedded in the ground, for example at private garages. Once the car comes to a stop over the charging pad, the primary winding in the pad induces an electromagnetic field that is captured by the compact pick-up coil located on the underside of the car.

The PRIMOVE charging system works fully automatic and hence goes hand in hand with latest developments like autonomous driving or parking; all of which are technologies that will make driving more convenient.


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