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22 December 2014

World premiere: First 18 m e-busses in passenger operation

On Monday, December 22nd 2014, the city of Braunschweig, Germany saw a world premiere: four 18 m articulated e-buses will be phased in on the soon to be full electric inner-city line M19. That is the first time that eco-friendly 18 m electric buses have replaced conventional buses in regular passenger operation – a true milestone in the development of e-mobility in public transport.

The e-bus service on the 12 km central circular line had already commenced previous spring, with a 12 m long electric solo bus. 

The vehicles, that will gradually replace all diesel buses on the line, are equipped with the wireless PRIMOVE fast-charging system and the new PRIMOVE high-performance batteries. With an output of 200 kW, the inductive charging system charges electric buses in just a few seconds, enabling them to cover the distance to the next charging station with ease.

The electric buses from the manufacturer Solaris are fully charged overnight in the bus depot. A quick recharge of the batteries during the regular 10 minute interval at the last station is sufficient to ensure the smooth operation of the12 m solo e-bus on the 12 km route. The 18 m articulated buses require more energy and are therefore additionally charged for a few seconds at two intermediate bus stops. This custom-made charging concept ensures a maximum battery life and an uninterrupted operation with a clean e-mobility solution on the existing bus route.

Detailed information about the e-bus project in Braunschweig, Germany can be found here (in German).


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