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Primove e-car with inductive charging components

Change the way to charge

PRIMOVE wireless charging builds on the vision of a city where all vehicles are electric, emission-free and quiet. No pollution, no fumes, no noise; without catenaries, cables, wires or plugs – completely invisible and automatic. PRIMOVE e-mobility doesn’t change driving habits or journey times.

Why chose PRIMOVE wireless charging?

Flexible and fast

  • No range or recharging constraints
  • Seamless integration into existing operations
  • Uninterrupted service

Convenient and automatic

  • Fully automatic, driver friendly and hassle free recharging
  • No specific qualifications or training necessary for use

Invisible and clean

  • No more catenaries, cables, wires or plugs 
  • No emissions, carbon or noxious gases
  • No noise or vibrations

Reliable and easy

  • Reliable even in the most adverse ground and weather conditions including sand, snow and ice
  • Quickly and easily installed

Convenient and safe

  • Fast charging and minimized energy loss for reduced operating costs
  • Small and compact for easy maintenance and higher passenger capacity
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership as well as lifecycle expenses

The technology behind

PRIMOVE wireless charging is based on high power inductive energy transfer between components buried underground and receiving equipment installed beneath the vehicle. Wayside components ‘communicate’ with the vehicle to start the contactless charging process automatically as soon as the vehicle completely covers the charging segment.

The invisible system transfers energy without contact at very high levels of efficiency. E-vehicles can be charged rapidly and seamlessly either in motion (dynamic charging) or at rest (static charging) without the need for extra fleet vehicles or batteries. 


The electric current in a primary coil (winding) creates a magnetic field, which induces a current  in a secondary coil. This power transfer occurs even if there is a gap in the iron core, enabling the process to be contactless. If the primary coil is extended in a loop, the secondary coil can receive power anywhere along this loop.

Fast opportunity charging for electric vehicles

The PRIMOVE charging system solves the issue of range and recharging constraints when it comes to e-mobility by combining opportunity charging with fast energy transfer at high power levels. Like that, regular stops are turned into charging opportunities.

Fast opportunity charging for trams

Charging segments are installed at tram stops, subsequent metres and challenging sections. The combination of dynamic and static charging enables continuous operation and reduces infrastructure investments.

Fast opportunity charging for e-buses

Charging stations are strategically positioned in the depot, at end stops and en route at selected bus stops for recharging while letting passengers on and off without extended dwell times. The wireless charging process is seamlessly integrated into operations to allow uninterrupted service, optimum fleet availability and maximized efficiency.

Fast opportunity charging for e-cars

For fast charging at convenient times, charging points are integrated where vehicles typically stop along their route and at overnight parking locations. Charging points include loading docks for delivery vans, taxi waiting areas, depots for car-sharing pools as well as private and company garages.

PRIMOVE charging applications

PRIMOVE charging for trams - freedom from overhead lines

With PRIMOVE inductive charging, light rail vehicles can now run without the need for unsightly poles and overhead lines. The energy source is moved underground which means trams can be integrated into urban areas where conventional catenary networks are prohibited or unwelcome.

PRIMOVE charging for e-buses - competitive with conventional buses

PRIMOVE wireless charging for e-buses is easy to install, convenient to use and competitive in price. It incorporates high power charging at the most convenient points along bus routes. Equipped with lighter, smaller, long-life batteries, PRIMOVE e-buses provide reliable service at maximum passenger capacity while minimizing infrastructure.

PRIMOVE charging for e-cars – e-mobility unplugged

PRIMOVE frees electric cars from wires and charging plugs. The fully automatic PRIMOVE charging for e-cars is available at various energy levels and designed to fit any car – from smaller sports cars to large SUVs. By autonomously adopting to the vehicle height the system is not only highly efficient and compatible but also very safe and convenient.

Designed for optimal health and safety

The PRIMOVE charging system is designed to ensure full passenger, driver, operational staff and pedestrian health and safety. The charging segments are switched on when the vehicle is positioned directly above them. In this way, electromagnetic fields are only created during charging and fully contained under the vehicle.

Supported by TÜV SÜD for safe operation, PRIMOVE complies with all applicable requirements for electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions in public areas. The system also meets relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, ensuring no impact on modern heart pacemakers and electrical devices such as mobile phones.