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PRIMOVE e-bus battery

Optimized battery systems for urban mobility

Modular and scalable, PRIMOVE battery systems have been specifically designed to meet user’s needs. Our comprehensive rail transit and e-mobility expertise lies behind our industry-leading battery systems, optimized for high power rail and road vehicles such as trams and buses.

PRIMOVE battery for e-buses

With the PRIMOVE high power battery systems for e-buses, planned stops are turned into charging opportunities without requiring additional vehicles, interrupting service or affecting dwell times.

PRIMOVE Battery 60 and 90

The PRIMOVE Battery 60 and 90 are lithium-ion traction battery systems designed to minimize integration efforts on any type and size of electric bus while providing high durability and safety, operational stability, and low component cost.

Using PRIMOVE inductive charging, the battery size can be kept to a minimum while allowing the e-bus for a full day of service.

PRIMOVE battery for trams

PRIMOVE batteries for tram and light rail applications can be combined with both inductive and conductive charging for catenary-free operation (CFO).

PRIMOVE Battery 50

  • Premium PRIMOVE tram solution 
    For 100% CFO lines, using PRIMOVE batteries and PRIMOVE wireless charging together ensures that the cityscape is not altered or spoiled by catenaries.

  • Standard PRIMOVE tram solution 
    If overhead lines are acceptable at tram stops and subsequent metres, PRIMOVE batteries can be charged conductively via the pantograph. This solution is especially suitable for existing catenary systems where CFO is required only on specific sections.