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PRIMOVE for trams

PRIMOVE solutions equip trams and light rail vehicles to run without any unsightly poles or overhead cables in any climate or weather.

Ready now to serve your city

Thanks to PRIMOVE contactless charging, trams can now run without any need for unsightly poles and overhead cables. The energy source is moved underground and charges the electric vehicle via inductive power transfer.

It now becomes possible to integrate light rail systems into urban areas where conventional catenary networks are prohibited or unwelcome – such as city centres, parks, gardens and protected heritage sites. The cityscape is left untouched, minimising visual pollution and improving the overall appeal of the city.

 Charging segments are installed at tram stops, subsequent metres and challenging sections. The combination of dynamic and static charging enables continuous operation and reduces infrastructure investments.

Beyond dispensing with overhead infrastructure, the PRIMOVE system also offers a whole range of further advantages. The technology is simple to install in both new and existing lines as the components easily fit between the rails. Initial investment and maintenance costs are lowered, making the overall system highly competitive and efficient. The charging system could even be made compatible with road vehicles, enabling the same underground infrastructure to be used for recharging multiple modes of public transport.

The technology behind

The PRIMOVE wireless charging solution comprises two sets of components – wayside components that are buried underground and onboard components that are fitted onto the vehicle frame. Both sets are designed to enable maximum structural integration, as well as for energy transfer at high power and efficiency.

Charging segment
Primary cable segments provide the actual power transfer to the vehicle and are installed just under the road surface.

Vehicle detection
Senses when a PRIMOVE-equipped vehicle is above the segment and switches the segment on - segments otherwise remain inactive to comply with electromagnetic interference protection requirements


Converts the magnetic field from the primary winding into alternating current 

Onboard sending device

Detects cable segments and coordinates the on/off switching

Convert the alternating current from the pick-up into direct current that powers and charges the vehicle

PRIMOVE battery system 
Extra light and efficient at 50 kWh

PRIMOVE propulsion system
Reliable Bombardier MITRAC 500 propulsion


Jeremie Desjardins Business Leader, PRIMOVE Contact

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