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PRIMOVE for e-buses

For electric buses, the PRIMOVE package represents a major leap forward by creating a competitive alternative to diesel and hybrid systems. It offers a unique combination of fast inductive charging, light-weight batteries and a fully integrated propulsion system.

Ready now to serve your city

For e-buses, PRIMOVE offers a wireless charging system that is fast, easy to integrate and convenient to use. Together with the PRIMOVE high power battery, it turns planned stops into charging opportunities without requiring additional vehicles, interrupting service or affecting dwell times. Adding the reliable and high performance PRIMOVE propulsion system ensures a 100% smooth and quiet ride for passengers.

The PRIMOVE system is a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of different municipalities and operators. During the initial planning stage, a precise energy flow simulation helps to design the best charging configuration for the desired bus network.

The ideal positioning of wireless charging stations is defined at the most suitable stops along existing routes so that the fleet never has to change course or extend dwell times in order to recharge. This allows maximum efficiency, while keeping charging infrastructure to a minimum.

The technology behind

These components make PRIMOVE your one-stop shop for commercially viable, high performance e-mobility:

Charging slab 
Fully buried underground, prefabricated and delivered in one piece, measurements: 5 m x 2 m x 0,25 m (L x W x H), weight: 7 tons

Wayside electrical installation
Primary cable segments provide the actual power transfer to the vehicle and are installed just under the road surface

Vehicle detection
Senses when a PRIMOVE-equipped vehicle is above the segment and switches the segment on - segments otherwise remain inactive to comply with electromagnetic interference protection requirements

Converts the magnetic field from the primary winding into alternating current

Onboard sending device
Detects cable segments and coordinates the on/off switching

Cooling unit
The air condition for the wayside equipment

PRIMOVE battery system 
Available at 60 or 90 kWh

PRIMOVE propulsion system
With the two power classes 140 and 200