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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] PRIMOVE for e-trucks

[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] Thanks to fast high-power charging PRIMOVE makes e-mobility realistic even for high power intensive vehicles.

[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] Wireless charging for heavy vehicles

[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] The PRIMOVE wireless charging system for e-trucks makes electric mobility possible even for very large and heavy vehicles. Like this it is possible to eliminate the noise and pollution that are usually accompanied with trucks. 

By incorporating high power charging at the most convenient delivery points, the PRIMOVE charging system for e-trucks ensures optimum fleet availability with no need to change existing routes.

Normal delivery points can easily be turned into charging stations and thus the truck can recharge while goods are unloaded and the regular schedule can be maintained.