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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] For electric buses, the PRIMOVE package represents a major leap forward by creating a competitive alternative to...

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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] For private cars, the PRIMOVE system overcomes charging constraints with a fast, safe and automatic charging...

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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] Thanks to fast high-power charging PRIMOVE makes e-mobility realistic even for high power intensive vehicles.  Read...

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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] PRIMOVE solutions equip light rail vehicles to run without any unsightly poles or overhead cables in any climate or...

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[Bitte nach "Chinese" übersetzen:] Benefits


Automatic charging without cables, wires or plugs for maximum ease of use


Seamlessly integrated charging infrastructure for more attractive cities


Small and light-weight products for easy vehicle integration and higher passenger capacity

Energy efficient

Fast charging and minimized energy loss for reduced charging times and operating costs


No emissions, carbon or noxious gases for a healthier environment


No noise or vibrations for greater passenger comfort and relaxed driving