Invisibly transforming the city

e-mobility is on everyone’s lips. From students and scientific experts to government strategists and corporate leaders – everyone is aware that we need innovative technologies to create a greener future for our cities. With transportation now accounting for 13.5% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, cleaner and more sustainable forms of mobility can have a major beneficial impact on the urban environment.

Welcome to wireless e-mobility

Bombardier’s groundbreaking PRIMOVE technology provides wireless, contactless power for all types of electric vehicles including trams, buses, trucks and cars. Using the principle of inductive power transfer, this unique system allows electric vehicles to be wirelessly recharged either in motion (dynamic charging) or at rest (static charging) without affecting driving habits or journey times.

By eliminating the overhead cables and other wires previously needed to power e-vehicles, mass transit networks can now be made to blend in effortlessly with the scenery. City landmarks, parks and heritage sites are left intact and the overall cityscape remains unaltered. 

The PRIMOVE solution is one of the highlights within the innovative BOMBARDIER ECO4 portfolio of technologies, which offer energy and cost-efficient solutions for total performance.

Key benefits


The principle of inductive power transfer allows energy to be transferred in a contactless manner – no more plugs, wires or overhead cables. The necessary components are buried underground and hidden beneath the vehicle, allowing the PRIMOVE system to offer a seamless and convenient method for “invisible” recharging. It also makes PRIMOVE technology a safer, less cluttered system that gives urban planners and public transport operators more freedom over the design of urban mobility solutions.

This flexible and aesthetic mobility solution can even operate in areas where the installation of conventional overhead systems would be difficult or prohibited, such as heritage sites or parks.

Clean and quiet

Electric vehicles generate no emissions at the point of use – no carbon dioxide, no noxious gases, no particulates. This brings significant and sustainable improvements in air quality, thereby raising the level of passenger comfort and making the urban environment cleaner and more pleasant for its residents.

Beyond eliminating CO2 emissions, PRIMOVE also minimises noise pollution and unpleasant smell from noxious fumes: by operating without loud combustion engines, the PRIMOVE solution helps to make cities not just greener but quieter, too.

No recharging constraints

Thanks to the high level of power that can be transferred with the PRIMOVE system, vehicles can recharge quickly enough to avoid lengthy waiting periods. Regular stops are turned into convenient charging opportunities to avoid disrupting the timetable. This means that vehicle availability and service reliability can be ensured without employing extra fleet vehicles or batteries.

Different sized vehicles can even recharge simultaneously to enable a continuous flow of operations.


PRIMOVE makes the electric vehicle market competitive and attractive again. By maximising the concept of opportunity charging at high power levels, the PRIMOVE system reduces total cost of ownership and provides an affordable and attractive solution without reverting to impractical solutions like battery swapping.

Convenient and safe

Thanks to the intelligent vehicle detection function that makes the charging process fully automated, recharging is driver-friendly and hassle-free, requiring no specific qualifications or training for use.

There is no physical contact with electricity at any time during the process and no possible interference with other systems or devices such as mobile phones or pacemakers. The system is compliant with all applicable codes and standards for electromagnetic compatibility and presents no risk to passenger or animal safety.

A smaller, lighter system

With the concept of high power opportunity charging, battery design can be much smaller and lighter, thereby extending battery life and minimising energy consumption. Most importantly, the vehicle can now carry its maximum number of passengers instead of the extra weight of heavy batteries.

Reliable under all conditions

Since PRIMOVE is a contactless technology, the system operates reliably even in the most adverse ground conditions involving sand, snow or ice. It also works on all surfaces from rail tracks to asphalt and concrete.

Easy integration

The PRIMOVE system is quick and simple to install. Prefabricated and tested modules can easily be integrated into any ground surface and the system can be fitted onto any new or existing rail or road infrastructure.

It has no moving parts and only a small number of components, all of which are buried underground or hidden beneath the vehicle. This significantly minimises wear and tear, while guaranteeing protection against vandalism. The result is lower maintenance costs and higher service reliability. Plus there is only one technology to maintain – not two as with hybrid buses. 

Flexible and reliable

PRIMOVE technology offers a variety of charging solutions for all electric vehicles that can be adapted to any city, course and topography – perfect for fast-tracking the acceptance of sustainable mobility practices.